The Material Modifier

The material modifier

The material modifier let you edit material properties. It has a combox box allowing
to choose between the following material types:


  • Ambient
    Choose the ambient color.
  • Diffuse
    Choose the diffuse color.
  • Specular
    Choose the specular color.
  • Emissive
    Choose the emissive color.
  • Diffuse map
    Choose the diffuse map.
  • Specular map
    Choose the specular map.
  • Normal map
    Choose the normal map.
  • Opacity
    Edit the opacity.
  • Ior
    Edit the index of refraction.
  • Shininess
    Edit the shininess. The greater it is the less
    the material is rough.
  • Add rays
    Edit the number of additional refraction rays used
    during raytracing. Only useful for non opaque materials.
  • Fresnel
    Enable/Disable Fresnel reflection. When enabled
    the ior is used to determine the ratio of light that is
    reflected at the surface of the material.


  • Ambient
    Same as Standard material.
  • Reflect
    Choose the reflection color.
  • Reflect map
    Choose the reflection map.
  • Normal map
    Same as Standard material.
  • Ior
    Same as Standard material.
  • Shininess
    Same as Standard material.
  • Fresnel
    Same as Standard material.


This panel does not have items.


This panel have the same items as the Standard material.


This panel have the following items:

  • Offset
    The hair offset along the curve from -1 to 1.
  • Azi rough
    The azimuthal roughness from 0 to 1.
  • Long rough
    The longitudinal roughness from 0 to 1.
  • Scale angle
    The angle in degrees that the small scales on the surface of the hair are offseted.

The others are the same items as the Metal material.
Note that the effect of the base settings of this material are only visible during rendering.


Subsurface scattering. This panel have the same items as the Standard material. Its add the following:

  • Absorption
    The absorption coefficient. Represent the probablity that a photon is absorbed by the material.