The Menu Bar

Menu bar

The menu bar is made of the following menus: File, Edit, Create, Settings, Import, Export and Help.
Let's see the possibilities offered by each of them.


  • Open
    Open a Nebula scene(.nsn) or a 3D model file. The 3D files supported are the OBJ, FBX, DAE and STL formats.
  • Recent Files
    Access the recent opened files.
  • Save
    Save the current scene.
  • Save As
    Save the current scene in a specific folder.
  • Exit
    Close the application.


  • Undo
    Undo the last change.
  • Redo
    Redo the last undid change.
  • Copy
    Copy the current selection.
  • Paste
    Paste the current copied elements.
  • Delete
    Delete the current selection.


  • Light
    Add a new light to the scene.
  • Material
    Add a new material to the scene.


  • Billboard
    Access the billboard settings.


  • Model
    Import a 3D model into the scene.
  • Materials
    Import materials into the scene.


  • Materials
    Export the scene's materials.


  • About
    Information about the Nebula's version.
  • Licensing
    Access the licensing dialog.