LB click Select items / drag and drop
RB click + motion Camera rotation
MB click + motion Camera padding
MB scroll Move the camera forward/backward
CTRL + MB scroll Zoom / Unzoom. This affect the camera FOVY
AB Increase / Decrease the camera's move sensibility

RB click on a material in the asset browser to assign it to the current selection.

LB = Left button
MB = Middle button
RB = Right button
AB = Auxiliary button


W, A, S, D, Q, E
(Z, Q, S, D, A, E for Azerty keyboard)
Move the camera
SHIFT + (W, A)
Move the camera forward/backward on XZ plane
DELETE Delete an item
SPACE Toggle rendering if realtime viewport is selected
CRTL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
CRTL + C / CTRL + V Copy / Paste
CRTL + S Save the current scene
CRTL + W Use the translate gizmo
CRTL + E Use the rotation gizmo
CRTL + R Use the scale gizmo
CRTL + SPACE Toggle rendering


Here a quick view of the main window:


The window is subdivided into 6 different parts:

  1. Scene view
    The list of all the scene items except assets.
  2. Asset browser
    The list of the scene's assets. Theses can be imported in the application via a drag and drop.
    Assets are entities that can be assigned to other entities. For example an image can be
    assigned to a material.
  3. Realtime viewport
    Fast DirectX preview allowing to interactively edit the scene.
    The same viewport is used when performing interactive raytracing.
  4. Modifier editor
    Allow to edit properties of the scene.
  5. Toolbar
    A collection of helpers to manipulate the scene.
  6. Menu bar
    Standard menu bar that let you save scenes, create elements, export materials and much more.