The Modifier Editor

Modifier editor

The modifier editor is made of 5 different pages:
Let's see the possibilities offered by each of them.


The Node page allows you to edit specific properties of the selected entities.
This page has three sub panels:


Edition of the Transform of the selected entites. The entities need to be transformable for this panel
to appear. It won't show up when selecting materials and/or images.

  • Position
    Edit the position.
  • Rotation
    Edit the rotation.
  • Scale
    Edit the scale.


Edition of the properties of the camera.

  • Move
    Edit the movement sensitivity.
  • Rotation
    Edit the rotation sensitivity.
  • Zoom
    Edit the zoom sensitivity.
  • Lens radius
    Edit the lens radius.
  • Focal distance
    Edit the focal distance.


Edition of the rendering properties.

  • Mode
    Choose between CPU and Hybrid rendering.
    The Hybrid mode is faster on high-end GPUs.
  • Final
    Enable/Disable production rendering. When disabled interactive rendering is performed.
  • Resolution
    Choose the resolution.
  • Nb samples
    Edit the number of samples. The Max button sets it to the maximum value.
  • Max depth
    Edit the raytracing max depth. Increase this value improves quality, but reduces performance.
  • Ray epsilon
    Edit the ray epsilon. It is the value used by the engine to avoid self intersections. This is scene dependent but the default value works in most cases. The reset button sets it to the default value.
  • AO
    Enable/Disable ambient occlusion. When enabled
    the spin control allow to tweak the scene ambient color.
  • Dist
    Enable ambient occlusion distance mode. It is practical for indoor scenes which have no open sky.
    When enabled partial occlusion of transparent objects is not supported.
    Slightly decreases performance.
  • Aspect ratio
    Edit the camera film aspect ratio. The reset button
    sets it the default value.
  • Entity ids
    Output the entity id buffer.
  • Save
    Enable/Disable autosave when rendering is completed.
    A maximum number of 30 renders can be saved in a directory.
    If that number is reached the first file will be overriden.


Edition of the environment properties.

  • Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Front and Back
    Edit the cube map face images.
  • Push maps
    Push the cube map faces to the engine.
  • Scale
    Edit the cube map scale.
  • Brightness
    Edit the cube map brightness.
  • Ambient
    Choose the media ambient color.
  • Absorption
    Edit the absorption. Represent the probablity that a photon is absorbed by the media. A value greater than 0 will enable volumetric rendering.
  • Indirect light
    Enable/Disable multiple scattering. When enabled media is affected by the scene objects.
    This is a very costly operation.
  • Noise
    Enable/Disable media noise sampling.
  • Nb samples
    Edit the media number of samples. Greater values increase quality but decrease performance.
  • Dynamic
    Enable/Disable media dynamic samples. When enabled the rendering engine will determine what number of samples is best suited when sampling a ray. Nb samples will then act as max samples.
    This increase performance but reduce quality.
  • Color
    Choose the background color.