The Render Editor

The render editor allow you to edit a render or save it anytime. Here are the settings:

  • Gain
    Edit the gain of the image.
  • Hue
    Edit the hue of the image.
  • Saturation
    Edit the saturation of the image.
  • Brightness
    Edit the brightness of the image.
  • Gamma
    Edit the gamma of the image.
  • Gaussian
    Enable Gaussian filtering.
  • Threshold
    Edit the threshold of the bloom.
    Only pixels with a luminance over this value contribute to the effect.
  • Intensity
    Edit the intensity of the bloom.
  • Mode
    Enable/Disable denoising.
  • Enable
    Enable/Disable edition. When enabled rendering will continue to run
    while the frame will stop to update. This will make edition slower.
  • Reset
    Reset the settings.